Paper Bag

We supply paper-based industrial bags to cement player in Peninsular Malaysia with more than 27 years of experience and command more than 50%market share in the cement market segment. Today, we are still growing with new exposure of supplying paper bags in forms of dry-mix, minerals and food sack kraft paper bags to the non-cement players. Our multi-wall bag product line includes all types of kraft paper bags including sewn paper bags, pasted top and bottom paper bags, open mouth paper bag, and kraft laminated bags , which have been recognised for their unsurpassed high-quality performance and cost efficiency.

Why Us

We are Experienced

CBB is one of the largest cement paper-based industrial bags suppliers in Peninsular Malaysia with more than 27 years of experience.

Business Growth

Our paper division still growing today, supplying to cement and non-cement players such as those producing dry-mix and minerals.

Market Share

CBB has a strong presence in the cement and non-cement industrial bags market and is already a major supplier commanding more than 50% market share.

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For any enquiry on our paper bag products, please contact our representative whose details are provided below.

Tan Hooi Bee

Phone: +6017-793 3688