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PE Stretch Film

Manufactured using the latest equipment, our stretch films are available in a variety of lengths and widths, ranging from jumbo to hand wrap or machine length sizes. A multitude of gauge thickness provides the strength that you need. Not only does our cast film offer maximum elongation and superior strength, it also offers excellent puncture and aggressive cling. This ensures that even irregular-shaped loads will arrive intact.

Plastic Liners

We produce a wide selection of Plastic Liners that come in various sizes for different applications. The materials used include LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE and PP polymers. Our range of Plastic Liners include Shrink Films, Anti-Static bags, Industrial bags and PE Rolls made accordingly to individual specifications. As such, each variety can be custom-manufactured to meet your exact requirements.


Expanded Polyethylene Foam

Our expanded Polyethylene foams are of high quality and suitable for a diverse array of applications. This type of packing material is thinly extruded with tiny ribbing to provide a firm yet cushioned support that prevents scratches. It is thus suitable as a cushioning and packaging material for electrical equipment, pottery & glassware, as well as an insulation material for ice-cream and frozen foods. We are able to fabricate customizabale foams for any desired shape or design (sheet or bag form, printed forms etc.) for your packaging needs.


Sealing Tapes & Adhesive Products

We are recognized as a leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of carton sealing tapes, specialty tapes & adhesive line of products. Our products include: Packaging tapes, self-adhesive tapes, electrical tapes, protection tape, advertising tapes, printed tape, kraft tape, masking tape, industrial carton staples, self-adhesive film and many more. Drop us a line and we’ll be able to advise you with the correct product type to suit your sealing needs.


Plastic Containers

With the aid of the latest precision injection machines available, we produce and supply a wide spectrum of plastic products & containers both locally as well as for export markets. Our containers come in many different styles, colours and sizes for packing a variety of products – including edible oil, chemicals, liquid compounds, detergents amongst others. Should you require customization or non-stocked solutions with personalized labels and printings, do let our packaging experts assist you with tailoring the products to meet your requirements.


Polylefin/EVA Forms

Established in the year 2001, Southern Polymer Products Sdn Bhd manufactures Polyolefin/EVA foams. Our CEN-ME TOYS range include Floor Mats, DIY Kits, Play & Learn Jigsaw Puzzles, Automotive Foam Mats, Basic Boards and other customized products. With a group of professionals incorporated in its R&D team, CEN-ME TOYS are manufactured based on the principles of being high quality, reliable and always meeting customer expectations. Rest assured that our product goes through all the necessary tests and compliance certification including ISO, ROHS, ASTM etc. With a strong financial background and leveraging on vast technical expertise & networks garnered from the Century Bond Group of companies, CEN-ME TOYS are widely accepted and distributed to the world market. We are continuously working towards having 0% complaints and 100% customer satisfaction.


For more information please visit our WEBSITE at www.cen-me.com



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