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Paper, Polymer Bags and Bulk Bags

With a diverse array of packaging solutions specifically catered to suit your needs, our multi-wall bag product lines have been recognized for their unsurpassed high quality, performance and cost efficiency. Our industrial and commercial products are forged from the synergy of solid construction, reliable materials and consistent quality. No matter what packaging needs you require, our sales personnel will be there to advise the right bag to contain your product properly.

As afore-mentioned, our multi-wall bags are tailored to satisfy your demands. Be it tamper proof packaging, product protection (i.e. barrier film packaging, thermal/moisture protection, odour protection etc.), ultra lightweight packaging amongst others, our experts will recommend a solution just right for you. Our product's versatility and robustness enables it to be utilized in many areas across different industries. For instance, the markets we service include cement, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, fertilizers, agriculture, salt & grit, animal feeds, shipping and many more.

The various types of multi-wall bags that we produce include kraft paper bags (Natural Brown/Bleached White), cement bags, polyethylene (PE) bags and foil bags. With reference to kraft paper bags in particular, it does come in many shapes and sizes. Some common styles available include Sewn open-mouth, Self-opening Square, Pinch-bottom open-mouth, Pasted-valve and Sewn valve bags.



Corrugated Fiberboard

For over 25 years, we specialize in producing standard and custom-made boxes. With a wide variety of materials and design options at our disposal, our products range from high-end multicolour point of sale displays to brown boxes, carton box sheets, die-cuts & fittings for various end products pertaining to the electronics, food, tiles, furniture and glove industries. No matter what style or size you seek, we'll get the packaging you want – right on time and on budget. Many customers just like you have remarked at the stunning-looking boxes and packaging solutions that we've created. When it comes to die-cut designs, the sky's the limit. If you can imagine it, we can produce it.

Our broad assortment of corrugated products are available in a plethora of corrugated board thickness. This ranges from single-face corrugated board for wrapping; single-wall corrugated cartons for smaller/inner cartons and sturdier double-wall corrugated cartons. In addition, we also produce single-wall and double-wall corrugated fittings that can be used as a cushion to protect fragile products during packaging.

We fully comprehend the pertinent role of graphics and layout towards marketing your product, hence we are committed to working as hard to make sure that your order is the best that it can be. While we employ full-time graphic designers to facilitate the look and layout of your product's packaging, we also work hand-in-hand with your own designers or engage other advertisers to ensure that the product looks exactly as how it should be.



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